Knowledge Sharing Program

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The Knowledge Sharing Program

A program developed by Indigenous students, for Indigenous students.  

The Knowledge Sharing Program is a student-developed and managed program that provides learning and developmental opportunities for self-identified Indigenous students in Grades 7-12 in the Limestone District School Board (LDSB). This program enables cross knowledge transfer and sharing between self-identified Indigenous students which leads to personal growth, self-discovery and skills development. The goal of the program is to make Indigenous students more comfortable expressing their cultures, knowledges, and languages within schools with the help of a supportive mentee/mentor and community. 

Our Mission

  • Personal growth
  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge
  • Leadership
  •  Celebrating Indigenous cultures
  • Skills development

Driven by Our Values
This is an overarching value of the program that is built on trust and cooperation among participating Indigenous students. 

Knowledge Sharing: Helping others develop, grow, and deepen their own knowledge based on the traditional Indigenous values and practices of cultural continuity. 

Empowerment and Engagement: Igniting the passion and confidence within Indigenous students and providing them with a platform to network and engage in helping others. 

Responsibility: Learning is not a passive process of receiving knowledge. Taking responsibility for one’s learning through a two-way process of exploring other levels of understanding. 

Get to Know Us

This program is created, organized, and run by self-identified Indigenous secondary students in the LDSB. Each person from the committee brings something unique to our community and is excited to meet every mentor and mentee who has decided to join us! 

"There is no power of change greater than a community discovering what it cares about" 

                                              -Margaret J. Wheatly 

Who We Are 

This program was developed by a group of Indigenous secondary students from across the Limestone District School Board. The Knowledge-Sharing Program was designed to connect Indigenous secondary students to aid them in developing a sense of community, belonging, and to have the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge with other Indigenous students from across the district 

Meet the Community 

Get to know some of LDSB's Knowledge Sharing Team:
Photo of Rachel Kolosov
Rachel Kolosov 

Boozhoo, my name is Rachel and I use she/her pronouns. I am in 10th grade at Kingston Secondary School. I am Ojibway First Nations from Thunder Bay. In my spare time, I love to play sports, both for my high school, and outside school with my family and friends. This program offers a welcoming, safe space for you to learn more about yourself and your culture, while meeting new, like-minded people!
Emily Eckloff Emily Eckloff

Hi, I’m Emily, the current Indigenous Student Trustee for the Limestone District School Board for the ‘23-‘24 school year. I am currently a returning senior student who will be continuing studies at Trent University in the fall. I am super excited to get the knowledge sharing program started once again and see the progress we make as well as get to meet everyone!

How to Get Involved 

By filling out the appropriate survey below, you will join the program and be paired up with a mentor or mentee. The goal will be to meet with your mentor/mentee on discussed times and to experience group meetings together. A mentor may be a tutor, a cultural support, or just a friend. A mentee could be someone from any grade looking for support in multiple areas.  


Please use the application forms below to apply to be either a mentor or mentee in the Knowledge Sharing Program.

Application for Mentor Position 

Mentors will be for self-identified Indigenous students in Grades 9-12. They will be expected to be positive role models for their mentees.
Link to Application for Mentor Position

Application for Mentee Position

Mentee position are for self-identified Indigenous students in Grade 7-12.
Link to Application for Mentee Position

Contact Us 

Should you wish to connect about the Knowledge Sharing Program, please do not hesitate to contact:  

Jessi DiRocco – Elementary Indigenous Student Support and Engagement Teacher at dir[email protected]  

Liv Rondeau – Vice-Principal of Indigenous Education and Reconciliation Lead at [email protected]  

The Limestone District School Board is situated on traditional territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee.