School to Community Services

Limestone Learning Foundation

School to Community Services (SCS) is the name of the service delivery model the Limestone District School Board has in place to provide supports and services for students identified with a developmental disability. SCS is committed to the principle that all students can learn in a supportive environment within an inclusive school community. 

Students receiving SCS are a diverse group of learners. A full range of placement options are provided throughout the system and may vary from school to school depending on the student’s strengths and needs. Placement can range from the regular classroom with indirect support to full-time placement in a special education class. 

Programming for students receiving SCS support is responsive to their strengths, needs, and goals. At the elementary level, programming may include expectations from both the Ontario curriculum and alternative programming. The School to Community teacher (on-site or itinerant) helps to develop, coordinate, and implement programs in conjunction with the classroom teacher and the Student Support Teacher. At the secondary level, Ministry courses with modified curriculum may be taken, as well as alternative courses such as functional academics, personal life skills, social skills development, and courses emphasizing community awareness skills. Meaningful transition to the community is a primary focus of the final years of secondary school.

Range of opportunities within SCS:

  • Balance between regular classroom placement, resource withdrawal, and special education classroom;

  • Activities are adapted and supports are arranged;

  • Program is based on individual needs;

  • Focus on functional academics;

  • Alternative programming (Communication, Daily Living Skills, Social Skills, Motor Skills, Behaviour); and 

  • Ministry approved, effort based reporting.

The Limestone District School Board is situated on traditional territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee.