Active and Safe School Travel Charter

Limestone Learning Foundation

What is a Charter for active and safe school travel?

The Charter is a formal recognition of the value of active transportation. The Charter has no legal status but is a statement of principles that recognizes the value of active modes of transportation, and how they contribute to increased safety on the journey to and from school.

Why is active school travel important?

Active transportation is any human-powered form of transportation such as walking, cycling, wheeling, rolling, and using mobility devices.

Increasing the use of active transportation reduces personal automobile use around schools. The reduction of traffic in school zones creates a safer environment for all users. Additionally, by prioritizing active transportation modes, school buses, or public transit, air quality around schools is improved. Normalizing and promoting active and sustainable travel as the preferred choice of transportation reflects the principles of Ontario’s Foundations for a Healthy School. Furthermore, it creates a culture where active transportation is the norm.

School community members who can choose active transportation for all or part of their travel to and from school benefit from:

  • lifelong habits of physical activity

  • increased mental well-being

  • heightened independence

  • stronger community connections

Charter Principles

To ensure active modes of transportation are safe, convenient, and widely utilized, the Limestone District School Board recognizes the following principles:

Community Safety

  • Using active modes of transportation for school travel strengthens one’s awareness of their surroundings and feelings of safety and comfort in our neighbourhoods.

Mental & Physical Well-Being

  • Utilizing active modes of transportation promotes physical and mental well-being.

Equity & Accessibility

  • Active modes of transportation are generally low or no cost, promoting independence and accessibility for all users. These modes provide the community with direct access to schools.


  • Daily physical activity, including active school travel, prepares students to learn more effectively.

Community Cohesion

  • Using active modes of transportation together creates a supportive environment that builds strong connections in our school communities.

Environmental Sustainability

  • Active transportation relies on human power, creating less impact on the environment, and can reduce carbon emissions when practiced by a majority of the community.

How will the School Board support the Charter?

The Limestone District School Board will work with community partners to encourage safe, healthy, and sustainable routes to school through our commitment to the charter principles and the following actions:

  • Advocate for safety enhancements and infrastructure to encourage all modes of active travel.

  • Develop and support the implementation of school policies that promote active transportation.

  • Incorporate active transportation policies when making municipal and school facility planning decisions.

  • Complete annual scans of active transportation policies and resources to provide community partners with updated information and best practices.

  • Conduct multi-stakeholder active transportation audits and assessments of school travel plans and neighbouring communities for safety and accessibility.

  • Support, promote, and participate in regional and international active travel and road safety events to encourage active transportation.

  • Educate school communities about the physical and mental well-being, learning, and environmental benefits of active transportation.

Supporting the Charter

Please consider supporting this charter by encouraging school officials, municipal representatives, government bodies, and local organizations to work with you to help create a community where active school travel for children and youth is the norm. The charter may be supported by any individual, organization, authority, or neighbourhood group that supports its vision and strategic principles, regardless of formal position and ability to independently progress implementation.

The following organizations have formally supported the active school travel charter:

  • Kingston Coalition for Active Transportation

  • Kingston Gets Active

  • KFL&A Public Health

  • Sustainable Kingston

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