Student Clothing: Draft Procedure

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Student Clothing: Draft Procedure
Posted on 06/12/2023
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In fulfilling our obligation and responsibility to provide a safe, equitable, and inclusive school environment that allows students to express themselves, Limestone District School Board is revising the application and use of Administrative Procedure (AP) 352: Appropriate Dress. 

This is an important undertaking that addresses how the Board’s former policies and practices disproportionately impacted some students, including those who identify or present as female, those who are racialized, gender diverse, transgender, non-binary, students with disabilities, those who are socioeconomically marginalized, and Indigenous, First Nation, Métis, and Inuit students. In addition, the application of the previous dress code was subjective and applied inconsistently which could be unfair and discriminatory. This also includes a change in the name of the procedure to reflect a student-focus and remove the punitive nature of the word Code.  

The new administrative procedure recognizes that our personal choice of clothing is an important way of expressing individuality and identity. It also acknowledges the personal factors that may influence an individual’s choice of clothing, such as social-cultural norms, socioeconomic status, religion, creed, or human rights accommodations. Students should be able to freely express themselves and make their own clothing choices in a way that ensures that schools are safe, welcoming, and respectful

This administrative procedure will apply in all schools, and to all LDSB education programs, including school activities that occur off school property 

It is important to us that students, families, and the community have an opportunity to provide feedback on this updated procedure that will guide our practice. The consultation objectives are as follows:   

• Engage students, parents/families, staff, and the community.   

• Include diverse voices and perspectives on the development and implementation of the          administrative procedure 

• Gather input and suggestions 

Identify procedure content/requirements, key themes, and issues that should be included and      addressed 

• Include Indigenous and other perspectives, approaches, and culturally relevant and responsive      options.  


View the draft administrative procedure here.  

Please share your feedback and comments here. 

Students, families, and community members will have until June 26, 2023, to provide their feedback or comments. Feedback that builds on human rights and/or has an equity focus will be considered, and where appropriate, included in the document. We will strive to address any concerns that may arise from the survey. The survey is voluntary and anonymous. All respondents will remain confidential. Implementation of the revised procedure is expected for fall 2023.

For more information on the draft procedure and to review the interim guidelines click here.


The Limestone District School Board is situated on traditional territories of the Anishinaabe & Haudenosaunee.